Customer Support and 24/7 maintenance
With experience professions in dealing with customers, their support requests in the form emails, defects, or automated alarm/warning tracking systems, we can create an dprovide a team of engineers who can be the "first response team" to your customers. This will help your core development and test team to focus only on issues that are valid. Our support team, once familiar with your product and solutions, will analyze and debug the issues before contacting you and communicate with the customer.

Our support and maintenance services include:

  • - Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 support
  • - Analyzing and debugging defects created by customers
  • - Professional communication with customers, development, and quality teams
  • - Knowledge of various defect tracking and CRM tools
  • - Test Metrics Generation & Reporting
Almost all customers require and appreciate 24/7 support system from their vendors. We can create a team that can be a single point of contact to all of your customers at various service levels. We can even take over your entire technical support organization for all of your products that you sell.

Even though we are capable of providing teams for Tiered support model, we think that tiered model is bad for customers instead one team that knows the product really well should handle all customer requests.


  • Tiered model teams
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Interface to the customers
  • Dedicated technical support organization for your needs