Our Service Models

We came across questions from many of our customers: Why should the customers pay for resources that don't meet their expectations? Should customers pay for employees being training for new skills in their payroll? And, we understood their concerns. Our market research and in house strategy team came up with the Productivity Model where customers pay based on the productivity of the resources they get. This will create a "fair" platform for both our customers and us. If we don't give you what wep romised, we believe that we should be penalized!

For more information about this model, contact us for a detailed discussion.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs with existing and new businesses that cannot afford completely to hire resources or consulting firms but need help in building their products. Our Equity Model helps new businesses by offering our services for a percentage of cost and equity share in their company. This will create a strong relationship between us and our clients and also sense of ownership and responsibility.
This model is extremely helpful for new entrepreneurs who have limited funds and resources to kick start their dreams. We will thoroughly conduct necessary duediligence and market reserach to make sure we help the companies to the maximum extent.


We do undertake projects and go through a complere project management cycle to the completion. Our experienced and certified project managers will work with your team to understand, plan, execute, deliver, and support the project. Once the statement of work is signed, we will own the project and responsible for completing the deliverables specified in SOW on time.

We undertake projects in the areas of mobile, e-commerce, web services, cloud computing, client-server, networking, telecommunication as well as automation and performance testing.


This is a traditional consulting model used by most of the industry leaders as well as small and medium consulting firms. Considering its simplicity, this is a very popular model as well. Customers ask for a 'number' of resources and specify their job requirements and we provide them with those resources. Customers can use the resources as part of their teams and manage their day to day assignments.

This model has two different approaches: variable rate and fixed rate. Variable Rate Model involves hourly rate for each resource where as the Fixed Rate Model is nothing but a fixed monthly rate for each resourse.

Offshore and onsite teams

Over the last one year, we have been bombarded with requests for setting up offshore teams in India from around the world and we have done that efficiently and improving venture after venture. Starting an offshore team is a key strategic decision for many small and medium businesses. We offer them all the help and make sure their goals are met.

We currently have our office in the following locations and our business managers can help setup offshore and onsite teams.

Bangalore, India
Corporate Office and Resource Center
Cupertino, CA, USA
Business Development Office
Dallas, TX, USA
Business development Office